“I am thrilled with the way this demo video has turned out. I want to thank you and the entire crew at Mainstream for not only the quality of your work, but for the professional manner in which you operate. “

– Dom Testa, Profound Impact Group




“Beth and her team were able to take a few concepts we had and turn it into story-telling magic.” - Camie Sweet, Carson J. Spencer Foundation

“Beth and hear team were professional, reliable, and timely…all things highly valued when it comes to covering an event.” - Camie Sweet, Carson J. Spencer Foundation

“Beth and team see things in both a creative and focused way, enabling us to get clear upon how our plan will attract clients and gives them a clear reason to buy from us.” - Stephen Brunston, Colorado Insurance Professionals

“Beth keeps us on track during the production process which allows us to get the most out of our time when working with her, she keeps thinking about the future and how we can maximize our spend to be useful in multiple ways.” - Stephen Brunston, Colorado Insurance Professionals


“Collaboration is huge and they provide that! It’s not a one-sided project.” - Lauren Jacobs, Colorado School of Mines Foundation

“Mainstream takes ideas/direction from clients and makes them better with their experience and talents.” - Lauren Jacobs, Colorado School of Mines Foundation

“Mainstream Video Production does a wonderful job in capturing and conveying the true emotion of your story and leaving the audience with a lasting impression.” - Bridget Fitzpatrick, Brent’s Place

“It was a sincere pleasure working with the Mainstream crew – they are professional, engaged, thoughtful and genuine in their film making process – from concept to completion.” - Bridget Fitzpatrick, Brent's Place

"The mainstream team was very professional and easy to work with. Our video is a significant asset to communicating the story of E470. We created several versions of the video and have used them in various ways.  From start to finish they made the creative process simple, clear and incredibly valuable." – Jessica Carson, E470