Custom Video Strategy

Custom Video Strategy is tailored to your specific needs at a custom price.

What do you want your audience to know, think, believe, or feel at the end of the video? Our team will meet with you to brainstorm and determine the best way to tell your story. We will develop a production strategy that details every aspect of your needs.

Package starts at $2,600

A La Carte Options

Storyboard Consultation/Script Writing – $150 (1-2 Minute Video)

Video Production Shoot 1 camera – $350/hr (4 hour minimum)

Video Production Shoot 2 cameras – $550/hr (4 hour minimum)

Video Production Editing – $350/hr

Video Marketing Strategy

Develop your video strategy, where it will go and create a schedule with dates.

Storyboard Consultation

Let us help you develop your story. We’ll work with you to get a video on paper, where you can shoot it yourself or hire us.

Script Writing

Learn to master your script with our help.

Video Production Editing

This is where it all comes together, whether you need basic edits or an Emmy worthy video, we can serve you.